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*stealthily tosses an Elven King Yakov into the Voltage fandom, then melts back into the shadows of her blanket* >///<

Works by なかじょ

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When you see it…

it took three passes of this across my dash until I got it and want to throw my macbook out the fucking window

Are you fucking kidding me


Princess Ledahlia - 02 by MSelmag




this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*


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I’d like to see you hand draw full feature length films without ever recycling frames.

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Shout out to everyone who follows me and is not in the HTTYD fandom.

Y’all are incredible, strong people.  And while I’m not exactly sorry for the dragons, I respect you so much for putting up with everything.

Dragons are good. They’re cats with wings…in HTTYD that is


  • サシャとハンジのおっぱいを描く boobs of Sasha & Hans
  • ケモミミを描く Beast ear
  • リヴァハンを描く Levihan

 jumble together
Erusasha are automatically included.


quick guide on 'transphobia or not' made by a real trans guy and without social justice warriors yelling at you for no reason

NOT TRANSPHOBIA: uh sorry... you are attractive but i can't sleep with you. i am not attracted to that body part you have down there. honestly i was expecting the opposite set
IGNORANCE OR MILD TRANSPHOBIA: ugh i would never be attracted to any trans person they're all just unattractive to me for some reason you know
EXTREME TRANSPHOBIA: my wife was a DUDE jesus christ when i found out i almost wanted to kill it. when i'm thinking that i have been sleeping with it for 6 years i want to vomit. disgusting tranny
NOT TRANSPHOBIA: so character in our new movie is a trans woman who is too poor to transition so we're going to give that role to this good male actor
NOT TRANSPHOBIA: so character in our new movie is a trans woman who will be transitioning during movie but we did a research and there are no good trans actresses anywhere so we're going to find a male actor lecture him about transgender people and do it the best as we can
IGNORANCE: uh ok we have a trans character in this movie let's find someone who's going to play this creature. uh wot u mean by 'there is that one trans actress available and she's pretty good' i think that one guy will be much better with enough make up on his face
PRETTY MUCH TRANSPHOBIA: so here's the movie about that one trans activist or whatever she transitioned years ago and she could be easily played by female actress but let's give this role to a man anyway
EXTREME TRANSPHOBIA: ok let's make this new episode it will be titled 'Quagmire's dad'...